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    • The Best Quality from Ecuador

      We guarantee extreme freshness and the finest quality to boost your sales and delight your customers with the natural beauty that only our flowers can provide.
      At all times, you will have the backing and support of a company with 25 years of experience in exporting flowers. Join us and become part of that successful 5%.

    • Availability & Negotiation

      We have strategic alliances with our growers, offering an excellent availability of varieties in all seasons and the best prices, as if you were buying directly from the grower.
      Remember that only 5% of florists thrive because their supplier fulfills 100% of their order during holiday seasons or low production periods throughout the year.

    • Logistic Service

      We offer you all the logistics that you need to receive your flowers: special varieties, colors, boxes with custom compositions, export documents, etc.

      Delivery Options:

      • In your Country, Amsterdam or where you request.
      • Delivery in your Agent of Cargo in Ecuador.


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Margareta Export Flowers

Telegram: @margaretaflowers

Country: Quito, Ecuador


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